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Coast Guard Related Links


If you know of a Coast Guard related website, please email me with the URL for inclusion below.

COAST GUARD HISTORIANS OFFICE. An official USCG site containing a vast amount of historical data including photos.

FRED'S PLACE. This site is devoted to Coast Guard information. Be sure to click on "links" for several art sites or "photo's" to visit a very large gallery of Coast Guard ships and stations.

THE FOUNDATION FOR COAST GUARD HISTORY.To create and sustain a foundation for scholarship, education and preservation of the U.S. Coast Guards history and that of its predecessor organizations.

WANT TO JOIN THE COAST GUARD? This site will give you all the necessary information.

COAST GUARD CHANNEL.The Coast Guard Channel is the premier web-based entertainment network dedicated to delivering high-quality programming about the U. S. Coast Guard.

OWASCO CLASS COAST GUARD CUTTERS.Retired CG Chief Doak Walker's great site on the history of the 255 foot Cutters. Lots of info including photos.

USS SERPENS COMMEMORATIVE WEBSITE. Devoted entirely to the WWII Coast Guard Manned Liberty Ship. Many original documents and photos.


COAST GUARD AVIATION HISTORY. Everything that you might want to know about Coast Guard Aviation.

USCG AVIATION ASSOCIATION.(Ancient Order of the Pterodactyl).

JIMMY Z'S COAST GUARD RELATED VIDEO CLIPS. A nice collection of Coast Guard related video clips. Thanks Jimmy for a great site.

44 MOTOR LIFEBOATS. Dedicated to the U.S. Coast Guard designed 44' Motor Lifeboat, which was also successfully used by many other rescue organisations throughout the world. You will find among other things, information, photos, a forum, links, downloads, greeting cards, motor lifeboat art and even a kids section.

USCG LIGHTSHIP SAILORS ASSOCIATION. If you like lightships, look no further. This is a fantastic site with anything you wanted to know about lightships, its crew, photo's, first hand stories etc. Please visit and have a look.

HISTORY OF THE USCGC JACKSON & BEDLOE. PINE BELT PUBLISHING. This is where you can order Bryan Galecki's great book unravelling the events regarding the sinking of the USCGC Jackson & Bedloe during WWII off the North Carolina coast. Please check out RUM RUNNERS, U-BOATS, & HURRICANES here.

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF FLEET TUG SAILORS. A nice site with a large library of various U.S. Navy, Coast Guard and Army tug photos. Created to perpetuate & memorialize the tugs, salvage, tug type ships & those who served in them.

HUNTING NEW ENGLAND SHIPWRECKS. This is a website created by Dave Clancy that has a multitude of information and photos. A "must see"!

RAVELL FINE ART STUDIO. Retired Coast Guard CWO Bill RaVell's great website of Coast Guard Cutters, Other ships,Landscapes,Pets. and other Wildlife. Be sure to check it out.

WESS WESSLING'S COAST GUARD PATCHES. Coast Guard Patches and also some books and other items.

COAST GUARD MUSEUM NORTHWEST. A great Coast Guard only museum located in Seattle WA containing thousands of Coast Guard related items including a Lighthouse Service clock, circa 1860, old and new uniforms,ship's wheels, binnacles, etc.,a number of lighthouse and buoy lenses,a piece of HMS BOUNTY,part of 'Old Ironsides", USS CONSTITUTION,the Coast Guard flag carried on the first shuttle flight and much more. Admission is FREE.

COASTIE CENTRAL is a community site for members of the United States Coast Guard. Semper Paratus! This site is set up to offer you up to date CG and World related news. We are also here to help out anyone interested in the CG. We have a message board. Some of our forums are open to the public and others are only open to current or retired Coasties.

CHERYLS SKETCHES. A very nice website with great sketches honoring ALL branches of our Armed Forces.

CG36500 Motor Lifeboat. A great site describing the CG36500 from Chatham Lifeboat Station and the heroic rescue of the SS PENDLETON crew in 1952. This 36 foot Motor Lifeboat has been completely restored

U.S.S. DAVENPORT (PF-69)- WWII PATROL FRIGATE. A very complete site describing the USS Davenport(PF-69)while Coast Guard manned.

U.S. COAST GUARD 83 FOOT SAILORS. U.S. Coast Guard 83 foot Sailors. A very nice site on the history of these mighty little boats from their inception in 1940 to the decommissioning of the last 83 footer in 1963.

THE COLLECTED ARTICLES AND PHOTOGRAPHS OF LIEUTENANT COLONEL, U.S. AIR FORCE, RETIRED (formerly USCG). GREAT CG historical data and photos. You will enjoy the older aircraft.

ROGER J. WENDELL'S COAST GUARD PAGE. Roger J. Wendell's Coast Guard page. Four years of a former CG Radioman's life.


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